Tips To Increase Sibling Friendship

Parents that have multiple school-age children often complain that the kids just can't get along, and they always seem to be fighting. You must recognize that what you have been doing is not working and that you need new skills and strategies to change the negative dynamic in your home. The best way to do this is by attending parenting classes where you can get specific ideas to help your family. However, you can also follow some of these tips that you would learn in class.

Be Involved

You are going to have to start by spending more time with your kids. That means that you cannot just tell them to go play in the basement. You need to go down to the basement too and play WITH them.

You will gain a better understanding of the dynamics of your children's relationships as you spend more time with them. You will see what the triggers are for fighting and where you need to focus first.

Don't force interaction at first. Just watch how they interact, and how they play separately. Is your older son trying to read a book when his younger sister, playing ponies, jostles him? You will be able to nip a lot of arguments in the bud by simply being there at the beginning.

Spend Time as a Family

Spend more time together as a family. Read a book to your children. It doesn't matter if they already know how to read. Simply make time for a family reading hour. You want to create moments and feelings of positivity. You may want to consider letting your kids take turns choosing which books you read as a family, but if that causes more stress and problems, then don't do it.

Work Together

Working together can build relationships, but be aware that this is not about chores or cleaning a room. Instead, choose a project outdoors or at someone else's home. Gardening, weeding, and painting are great activities to do together. Again, this is an activity that includes a parent. The benefit of this sort of work is that the kids can see what they have accomplished as they go.

Don't Force It

The key to each of these activities is that you are not forcing your children to be friends; you are simply putting them in situations where they can safely build their friendship. You need your children to choose to be kind and respectful because that is the only way they will build strong relationships.

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