3 Ways To Prepare For A DUI Hearing And Sentencing

A DUI conviction can have a significant impact on your life. If you have a court date soon, there are steps you can take to improve the likelihood that you will avoid the harshest sentence. Here are three ways you can prepare ahead of your court date to make a good impression on the judge.  

Attend DUI Counseling

One possible condition of your sentence that the judge might impose is DUI counseling such as is done by Counseling Center of Illinois). However, you can show the judge that you are serious about your recovery by attending counseling sessions on your own. During counseling, you can learn to deal with your addiction, identify triggers, and learn what you can do to avoid making the mistake of driving while intoxicated in the future. 

Before selecting a DUI counseling program, consult with your attorney. The prosecutor or judge might have preferences for the type of counseling that should be completed. It is important that you complete the course. Failing to do so or not giving your best effort could end up hurting your case. 

Do Not Drive

Following the arrest, it is likely that you will receive notice that your drivers license is suspended. The length of the suspension is stated in the notice. Regardless of what happens, it is important that you do not drive. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, the prosecutor could argue that you should not be granted a lighter punishment, such as probation. 

The length of your drivers license suspension could be suspended. If you need to drive for work purposes, you can apply for an occupational or hardship license. The requirements can vary by state, so check your state's requirements to obtain a license. 

Maintain Employment

A steady employment history can help make the case that you are reliable. If you are unemployed, find a job as soon as possible. If you are considering transitioning from your current position to another one, wait until after your hearing. You can also ask your employer to provide you with a letter detailing your work history and reliability. Provide copies of the letter to the prosecutor and judge to ensure it is considered before sentencing.

By taking the time to prepare ahead of your DUI hearing, you can lessen the impact that it has on your life. Rely on your DUI counselor and other professionals to help you identify other ways in which you can move forward with your life following the hearing.