The Benefits Of Addiction Intervention

When addiction touches someone close to you, the feelings of helplessness can be overwhelming. Watching someone you love destroy themselves is one of the most painful experiences you can have. Although you cannot make someone quit drugs or alcohol, you can take an active step to help them overcome their demons. With help, you can stage an intervention.

Addiction Specialist

When you are planning an intervention, you need to consult with an addiction specialist. In some cases, the specialist will not only advise you on how to plan and hold the intervention, they may also be there in person. In any event, you need to have professional help when you organize an intervention, otherwise, you can do more harm than good, especially if the addict has a history of suicide attempts, violence, or mental illness.

Pre-Intervention Work

Before the intervention, you, the addiction expert, and those others who are close to the addict will need to consult extensively in order to prepare. Everyone involved will need to review the addict's manipulative behavior so they will not "give in" during the intervention. Everyone will also need to agree on what boundaries to set. For instance, if the addict refuses to go to rehab, everyone may refuse to provide any more financial help. Parents of adult children may refuse to house the addict any further. It is vital that everyone agrees to the consequences and sticks to them; otherwise, the addict will manipulate their way out of going to rehab once again. 

Treatment Program

If the addict agrees to go to rehab, you need to have a place reserved at a quality facility, one that has proper licensing and accreditation. You will also want to investigate their treatment methods and their effectiveness record. In addition, you want to choose a facility that also provides services after the addict is released to help lessen the chance of a relapse. Your addiction specialist will be able to guide you to several appropriate options. 

If you have a friend or relative who suffers from addiction, planning an intervention may be the best hope for their recovery. With the help of an addiction specialist and a small group of dedicated loved ones, you can plan an effective intervention that may convince the addict to finally seek the kind of treatment that they need. Proper planning and the right follow-through can make your efforts successful and start your loved one on the path to a new life. 

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