Are You Still Wrestling with Placing Your Baby for Adoption? Birth Parent Counseling Can Help

Pregnancy is a time when you can expect to feel many emotions—especially when your baby is unplanned or you are just not ready to raise a child. While you have been considering adoption, it is normal to suddenly feel like you want to change your mind. Naturally, making a clear and firm decision is best for you and your baby as you proceed with your pregnancy since it gives you more time to work out your adoption plan.

When you are wrestling with such a life-changing decision, it helps to know that there are people out there who can provide you with assistance as you work through the decision-making process. Birth parent counseling services can provide you with help figuring out the answers to even the most complicated questions that you have about adoption.

How to Choose the Best Adoption Plan

People often wrestle with their decision about placing their baby for adoption because they are unsure of how they will feel if they never see their baby again. However, there are many options available today that allow you to still be a part of your baby's life. For instance, open adoptions can be arranged that allow you to visit your baby, or you could choose semi-open adoption that allows you to get updates on their life. A birth parent counselor will walk you through each option to see what best fits you and your baby's future needs.

How to Cope With Your Changing Emotions

Many women experience a rollercoaster of emotions during pregnancy. While you can chalk some of them up to hormones, you should also know that stress plays a role in causing you to feel like laughing one minute and crying the next. Some women also experience depression before the baby is born as well as afterward. All of these changes are normal, but you need help working through them. Seeking birth parent counseling gives you a professional's assistance with learning how to practice self-care through the adoption process.

How to Address the Other Parent's Choice

Everyone has different opinions about how to handle pregnancy. You may be worried about how the birth father feels about adoption, and your birth parent counselor can help you understand their rights during the process. They can also talk to the birth father if he is interested in going to counseling. If you are a couple, you can go together to help reinforce your bond as you work through your differing reactions to the adoption.