Signs Your Child May Be Depressed

Is your child depressed? Luckily there are many resources to help your child thrive, regardless of what they are going through mentally and physically. In order to get your child the right depression treatment, you have to first be able to recognize the symptoms of depression. This isn't always easy, because some children will hide the way they feel by acting overly happy and energetic so as not to draw suspicion.

If you see any of the following symptoms of depression in your child, don't approach them right away. Call a depression treatment program for youth specialists and speak with them about your concerns and how you can move forward. You'll get the tips and tools you need to approach your child and help them in any way you can.

Your Child Is Only Into Destructive Activities​

Is your child suddenly obsessed with body image and losing weight? Are they starting to swear a lot or act out in other ways? Has your child lost interest in the way they look and doesn't worry about taking care of their hygiene, clothing, or belongings? Is your child cutting their arms or digging their fingernails in their skin, or engaging in hair pulling or eyebrow/lash plucking?

If your child is only into destructive things or things that don't benefit them, they may be acting out due to anger, or sadness related to depression. A depression treatment program for kids can be helpful in letting your child express themselves in a more positive way.

Your Child Is Losing Interest in Friends and Hobbies

A gradual disinterest in hobbies and friends, along with a transition into new ones, is a normal part of growing up and maturing in children and should be expected from time to time. A complete lack of interest in friends and hobbies your child usually loves can be cause for alarm and should be watched closely. If your child prefers to stay home and do nothing over going out with friends, is struggling in hobbies and sports they usually excel at, or if they are having other problems, then consider getting them some counseling to see what's going on.

A depression treatment program for kids can be helpful to your child and can give them a safe outlet to feel heard and to express their concerns with their life. Take your child's behavior seriously and get them counseling even if nothing turns out to be going on with them.