Can Group Therapy Help You Resolve Trauma?

If you are a trauma survivor, therapy options may be promising. No matter the source of your trauma or the type of experience you have had up to this point, therapy is a great resource to consider.

Group therapy may be beneficial for resolving some of your traumas. If you have questions about group therapy, these are a few things you may want to know before you book your first appointment.

Which Group Is Right For You?

The first thing you will find when you try to find a trauma therapy group is that there are different types. Some groups are designed for family members who want to support those with trauma, while others are designated for people who are still trying to learn coping skills.

First, you will find that some groups are led by counselors or therapists. Others may be led by educators or even peers who simply want to provide support. If you are looking for a therapist-led group, ensure that you are searching for the best options.

Then, you will find that some groups are intended for different types of situations. For example, some groups focus on coping in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic experience, whereas other groups focus on helping people tell their stories and connect with others. There are even groups for family members of those living with trauma.

Do You Need Individual Therapy Too?

Many people find that group therapy is most effective when they also attend individual therapy. In individual therapy, you will learn how to apply some of the material you learn in group therapy, and you will also get more time focused on healing your own traumas.

Trauma can be complex, which is why different types of therapies can be so useful. It can be helpful to learn more about your individual situation before you go to group therapy and unpack any traumas you want to discuss further.

How Does Group Therapy Help?

When you are dealing with trauma, one of the first ways in which you will get help is by determining where you are currently. You will establish goals and determine what you hope life will look like during and after therapy.

Group therapy is such a great help for many people who have unresolved trauma. While group therapy cannot take away the pain you may feel, it can certainly help you manage the situation and your current life.