The Benefits Of Addiction Intervention

When addiction touches someone close to you, the feelings of helplessness can be overwhelming. Watching someone you love destroy themselves is one of the most painful experiences you can have. Although you cannot make someone quit drugs or alcohol, you can take an active step to help them overcome their demons. With help, you can stage an intervention. Addiction Specialist When you are planning an intervention, you need to consult with an addiction specialist.

3 Ways To Prepare For A DUI Hearing And Sentencing

A DUI conviction can have a significant impact on your life. If you have a court date soon, there are steps you can take to improve the likelihood that you will avoid the harshest sentence. Here are three ways you can prepare ahead of your court date to make a good impression on the judge.   Attend DUI Counseling One possible condition of your sentence that the judge might impose is DUI counseling such as is done by Counseling Center of Illinois).

Self-Care After An Acupuncture Session

If you are looking at treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction recovery, you may find more than a few offering acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture, especially a specific five-point protocol involving the ear, has become a common complementary treatment alongside more conventional treatments for addiction. Yale University reports that the treatment can give the patient a mental and emotional buffer against the desire to use the drug or drink of choice, which then lets the patient put other coping strategies to work.

3 Reasons To Meditate

Meditation is a great resource for anyone to take advantage of, mostly because it can benefit many different aspects of your life. You should consider taking up meditation because it can help with stress relief, improve sleep, and improve your focus. Relieve Stress  One of the biggest reasons to consider meditation is that it is a great way to cut down on your stress levels throughout the day. This is because meditation often focuses on allowing you to take a moment to breathe and relax yourself.

Tips To Increase Sibling Friendship

Parents that have multiple school-age children often complain that the kids just can't get along, and they always seem to be fighting. You must recognize that what you have been doing is not working and that you need new skills and strategies to change the negative dynamic in your home. The best way to do this is by attending parenting classes where you can get specific ideas to help your family.

How To Help A Troubled Teenager

It's no secret that the teen years can be difficult ones. However, if you feel that your own son or daughter is having an extra hard time, there are definitely ways you can step in to help. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to help your teenager feel happier. Evaluate The Problem - Nobody knows your child as well as you do. Obviously, if you and your child are still able to communicate well, this will be a very important key in determining the severity of the problem.

How to Recognize and Change Your Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Dealing with a passive-aggressive lover, mate, co-worker, friend or family member can be a continuing source of aggravation and frustration for most people. If you engage in this type of behavior very often, you may be harming your most important relationships and sabotaging your chances to be successful in your endeavors. What Passive-Aggressive Behavior Is This is a continuing pattern of incongruent communication and actions, which means you Make promises you have no intention of keeping.

Tips For Assessing Patient Privacy Levels

If you are considering going to see a counselor, you have some very private things to discuss. That means you want to work with a professional and service that takes your privacy seriously, no matter what it pertains to. You certainly don't want to find out the hard way that they didn't take your privacy as seriously as you thought they would, so take the time to assess them before you actually go to your first appointment.

Divorce Is Not An Option: Tips For Improving Christian Marriage Relationships

Many Christian couples feel that marriage is a sacrament and that divorce is generally contrary to God's plan. However, they may be disheartened to find that they are still having contention and problems in the marriage. Follow these tips to improve your relationship and strengthen your marriage. Improve Your Worship The first thing you and your spouse need to do is improve your study of the gospel and your activity in your congregation.

Depressed Teens: Early Treatment May Prevent Future Episodes

Parents of teenagers often miss depression in their children because of how tumultuous the emotions are in this season of life. Unsure whether or not to seek psychiatric help--and sometimes embarrassed to do so--some parents just take a "wait it out" approach, hoping that unsettling moods and behaviors will pass as their children mature. However, a new study suggests it is of critical importance to seek treatment now so as to prevent lifelong recurrences of depressive episodes.

Five Things You Can Do To Fight Less

The vast majority of arguments between couples happen because one (or both) of the people have some unmet needs. If you can learn to take care of these needs (or ask your spouse to help you meet these needs), you will have a healthier relationship. Here are five things you can do to remove contention and get along better.  1. HALT. Before you engage with your spouse, ask yourself if either of you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

Arguing Like A Role Model: How To Keep Your Kids From Worrying When You Disagree With Your Spouse

Even the best couples have the occasional fight or disagreement, and some couples manage to remain happy together despite fighting like cats and dogs. Children, however, can mix up your normal conflict resolution habits. Instead of fighting like you always did, which may scare the kids, use these techniques to help solve problems without making them worry. Keep Love In The Conversation When children are young, they can easily mistake a heated argument between you and your partner for a sign that you don't love each other anymore.